Domenico Spadafora
Domenico Spadafora
Ippolito Spadafora
Ippolito Spadafora
Direttore Commerciale
Manuela Micieli
Manuela Micieli
Resp. Fornitori e Clienti
Ada Spadafora
Ada Spadafora
Responsabile Amministrazione
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The Spadafora family boasts a secular tradition in the industry, four are in fact the generations linking the name Spadafora to the wine industry.

The activity began in 1915, when Ippolito Spadafora approached the world of wine and started selling typical wines of the area in bulk. It is necessary to make a big applause to this great little man since, in a difficult historical time, he knew how to consolidate and develop his father’s inheritance.
In 1968 a radical shift in business took place. Domenico Spadafora, son of Ippolito, considering the evolution of the market, wanted to pursue a totally new road from the past. By neglecting the traditional sale of bulk wine, he began with the bottling and distribution of typical wines throughout the regional territory. His insight was crucial, as it turned out to be a turning point for the future development of the business.

In Calabria, the Spadafora family continues to be a wine industry leader for a hundred years.

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