There is considerable confusion between the Magliocco and the Gaglioppo, the famous Calabrian vine that is at the base of the Cirò that somebody in the region continues to call “Magliocco” or “Mantonico nero”. In fact, they are two distinct varieties. The winemaking of these two kinds of grapes, cultivated in Donnici and Cirò respectively, gives completely different organoleptic results: the wine obtained from the Magliocco is elegant, tannic, intense red, and definitely long-lived. The wine obtained from the Gaglioppo, however, appears to be highly tannic, slightly coloured and short-lived, if not vinified with the correct attention.

Magliocco is a black grape variety of ancient cultivation. It belongs to the family of Magliocchi, characterized by a grape cluster as tight as a “maglio” (a knot – hence the name). However, it differs from this variety for different characters. It adapts well to warm and dry climates, especially in loose and deep soils that provide an adequate water reserve. Here it exhibits a high energy and an average tolerance to the major cryptogamic diseases. Generally, this variety is mixed with other Calabrian vines such as Greco and Malvasia as in the composition of DOC Donnici.



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